Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Hi People
Tues 21st sept 2010 

I thought I would let you all have the latest to the Welsh Assembly Government seeing as there is no action on my MP's front or that BBC Radio Wales keeps a closed mouth with regard the Rent Scandal, or of Assembly Members blocking emails.

Here then is the letter that I will hand deliver tomorrow all things being well:

 Open letter to Carwyn Jones 21st Sept 2010

Hello Mr. Jones

It seems that my email address has been blocked from contacting all the Assembly Members who I refer to as the Usual Suspects in my blogs n videos.

I do not find it that amusing although I am sure that many of them are quite glad. So I am having to write this letter and hand deliver it at the Assembly in the hope that it might tweak some consciences to actually finally do something on my behalf. A forlorn hope I realise given the history of neglect that this latest event in the saga highlights.

You will see if you care to look that I am accusing you and the rest of the Welsh Assembly of a Hate Crime towards myself, that is the culmination of Criminal Negligence after all what else can it be, but a total disregard for another Human Being.

Here then are the Urls of the blogs that you will find at http://bbccrazydave.blogspot.com that have been ignored like all the others. I think it is high time the Welsh Assembly demanded that councils tranfer their housing stock over to housing association ownership so that all rent monies go to Housing not the Treasury or to pay for other Council Services. That way a bungalow can easily be afforded to me, given the revelations of how much Welsh Council have paid back to the Treasury over the life time of the Assembly.

Maybe you will even take a hand it getting me re-housed so that I can have the peaceful enjoyment of my home, a Human Right denied me for so long. I also hope that you will watch the videos even if they take time to upload. There are some future money saving ideas included. As well as a list of all those in government that have blocked my email, democracy I don't think.

NATIONAL ASSEMBLY FOR WALES FACING HATE CRIME CHARGE http://assemblywalesgov.blogspot.com/
DISCRIMINATION BY THE USUAL SUSPECTS LEADS TO THIS (1ST SEPT 2010) http://welshassemblygov.blogspot.com

CARDIFF NORTH MP J. EVANS ON DISCRIMINATION CHARGE (23RD JULY 2010) http://cardiffnorthmpondiscriminationcharge.blogspot.com

EMAIL OCCASSIONED BY THE 2ND REITH LECTURE 2010 (14TH JUNE 2010) http://2ndreithlecture2010.blogspot.com

Yours David Gabriel (address supplied but hidden for privacy here)

So with that there was the covering letter to the New Chief Constable of South Wales Police lets hope he
takes a tad more interest than his predissesor.

21st Sept 2010 
To: Chief Constable South Wales Police
Hello Mr. Vaughan
Attached you will find a letter to Mr. Carwyn Jones First Minister at the Welsh Assembly. You will see that they have finally blocked my emails, after so many years of receiving them. It seems that the blog 'Crazydave Slashes Billions on Housing Benefit' finally got their goat.
You will also see that I have accused them of Hate Crime towards myself. I am serious in this allegation. the previous Chief Constable Barbara Wilding never followed up on complaints made by me of Criminal Negligence by Cardiff County Council and the Welsh Assembly towards my Health n Welfare, while I have little faith in you doing anything extraordinary and actually agreeing with me and doing what is necessary so that might end, I thought at least I should contact you regarding this, just to see.
11 years living in a council converted property that does not conform to minimum building standard regulations and nobody but nobody giving a tupenny stuff or finding any old excuse not to process my requests to be re-housed ought to be seen as a hate crime.
Well I hope that you will search the blogs there are many. I hope that you will watch some of my videos on youtube even if they do sometimes take an age to upload. You will find some that accuse your officers of aiding n abetting the Welsh Assembly in its Criminal Negligence towards myself, and you will probably say contact the IPCC if you are dissatisfied. I have done that and that organisation have not lifted a finger to help. Anyone would think that I must be some kind of mass murderer to be treated so callously.
Perhaps you will surprise me, not that I will hold my breath. I shall be handing this in to your officers at the Assembly to see what they do with it. 
Yours David Gabriel (address as attached letter)

Now its upoad the pic vulnerable adults just cash cows for the professional elite because its obvious from the rent saga that we have been spitefully used. Tantamount to Benefit Fraud seeing as the monies never went into Housing eh Crazydave? It sure does!

Don't vote for any of them in 2011 People they don't deserve the jobs they have.

Here is the video of me hand delivering the letter to Carwyn Jones and the other Assembly Memebers who have had my email blocked! What with the Ryder cup in Wales I've been using Twitter to OUT THEM. In the hope that this year Cardiff County Council will not be having any % rent increases like they have year in year out since I moved into their sub standard property and all that has entailed.